Certified translations

We provide you with court certified translations, meaning that they are certified with seal and signature of a sworn court translator. Certified court translations are conducted by court translators experienced in various translation fields. We offer the certified court translations for the following documents:

  • Balance sheet,
  • Declarations,
  • Diplomas, reports and other certificates of education,
  • Extracts from business/judicial record, tax offices,
  • Notary records and acts,
  • Contracts,
  • Business documents and financial reports,
  • Authorizations,
  • Civil status reports, Certificates of no criminal records, residence certificates,
  • Court orders, judgements and decisions of administration authorities,
  • Legal person foundation charters,
  • Insurance documentations,
  • Acts and executive regulations, etc.

The certified court translation is calculated according to one translation page (1500 characters) and can differ according to the text complexity and language. First, we provide you with the informative price, since the final price can be established only after the conducted translation.

The price of certified court translation depends also on the method of document delivery:

  • Personal acquisition in our office or
  • Via e-mail.

We deliver translations to the clients in the area of Ljubljana, Kočevje and Koper free of charge based on the preliminary agreement.

We also offer a quantity discount.